We develop cutting-edge modular optical systems for head-up displays that perform excellently even under the most demanding conditions. In addition, we can customize and use the system in any desired size while maintaining the same level of quality.

Different areas of application:

Civil and combat aircraft



Key features and benefits:

High reliability

The transparent display design uses MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) and DMD (Digital Micromirror Device) technologies. Thanks to these, it can display any kind of image, it´s shock and vibration resistant, handles humidity and extreme temperatures without problems, and is less energy intensive, unlike CRT technology.

Manufacturing entirely in Czechia

The development and production of Elya optical systems is carried out entirely in Czechia. Our products are not subject to the restrictions imposed by the US ITAR (The International Traffic in Arms Regulations).

High resolution and large field of view

The combination of a large eye-box, large field of view and stable backlight level ensures good readability at any time and enhances user comfort. All this up to full HD resolution.

Adaptability and easy integration

Our technology is scalable according to the customer’s needs and fits both new and older types of machines to be upgraded. Thanks to our flexible approach, we are able to customize the shape and size of the heads-up display as same as the field of view upon agreement.

Compatible with NVG

Our latest generation optical systems are fully compatible and ensure trouble-free operation with NVG (night vision goggles).

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An example of the use of our system in avionics

The optical system completely developed by Elya Solutions is used in head-up displays mounted in L-159, L-39 and L-39NG combat aircraft. It meets the highest demands required by customers and therefore finds its application not only in the modernization of older aircraft types, but also in the development of new models. It provides a completely synthetic image, which is a huge step forward compared to the outdated CRT technology. The ability to monitor data in real time increases safety and dramatically improves conditions for pilots.

Elya head-up displej (HUD)

History of HUD Elya development