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Elya Solutions has been involved in customized automation in such areas like optical analysis, imaging technology, machine vision, AI, precision optics and mechanics, and software development for industry and science for more than 10 years.



Machine vision systems, barcode verifiers and deep learning software enable automotive parts manufacturers and vehicle assembly plants to achieve higher quality and production stability.


We specialize in optical applications with an emphasis on the use of machine learning and innovative approaches to applications. These applications include inspection of headlight lenses, high speed inspection of overflows and other defects on small plastic parts, etc.


Major advances in science have always been associated with advances in optics. Finer and more precise optical technologies make it possible to observe the smallest mechanisms. We cooperate with scientific institutes such as the Karuslruhe Institue of Technology, the Czech Academy of Sciences, the Czech Technical University, etc.


Optical control and AI are used in the biotechnology industry predominantly for in-vitro diagnostics and laboratory automation. Machine vision systems also help laboratories avoid machine breakdowns and reporting of wrong or incorrect diagnostic results.


The aerospace sector is characterized by continuous technological advances with high demands on accuracy, quality and safety. Based on our own research and development, we create comprehensive solutions combining the latest software and hardware.


The space sector places high demands on technology, which is why we develop precision optics and highly durable components in our laboratories. We cooperate with space centres such as the European Space Agency, etc.

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