Camera system for supporting traceability in the medical sector

We have implemented a camera system that has improved traceability and process control in warehouse logistics, specifically in the area of drug distribution to pharmacies. The main challenge was to establish backward traceability for easy tracking of the content of specific pallets. In case a box is shipped and later returned, our solution allows for easy tracking of the correct pallet contents.

A key element is the combination of image recording with traceability, allowing access to photos through serial numbers. These photos are stored in the cloud, providing a secure and accessible data repository.

How does the entire process work?

Conveyors are placed in the warehouse areas and are in constant motion. The integrated camera automatically scans the barcode, which prompts the content of the order to be photographed, and then the data is automatically sent to the cloud. The use of a cloud solution makes installation easy and without special requirements from the customer.

Benefits of implementation

Our project brings a number of positive results in monitoring warehouse logistics processes. Customers now know what is in each box thanks to barcodes. With our system, they can track what has changed or been added. The system includes photos from 4 cameras and stores data history for 2 months.

In case of problems and malfunctions, the “repair” is easy. All of this contributes to minimizing downtime and outages, positively affecting efficiency and reliability in the logistics center for drug distribution.

Other Implementations