We have been supplying our equipment to industrial companies and scientific institutions since 2008.


Optical inspection of product insertion into the injection moulding machine

Implementovali jsme kamerový systém, díky kterému jsme zlepšili sledovatelnost a kontrolu procesů ve skladové logistice, konkrétně v oblasti distribuce léků do lékáren.

Camera system for supporting traceability in the medical sector

Camera system that has improved traceability and process control in warehouse logistics, specifically in the area of drug distribution to pharmacies.

Automation of wood volume measurement using deep learning (AI)

The main goal of the implementation was to achieve full automation of the wood volume measurement process on trucks by deep learning.

Headlight lens defect inspection using neural networks

The aim was to complement the existing inspection cell with cameras and electronics for evaluation using neural networks.
světlovodné díly-01

Machine for optical analysis of light guide parts

100% optical analysis of light homogeneity and part manufacturing defects into the existing production line of PMMA (Conductor) light guide parts.
Jednoúčelové zařízení-01

Single-purpose machine for sorting fuel filters based on optical analysis – extension to different shapes of products

Repeat delivery of a single-purpose machine with an extension to different types of the fuel filters. At the same time, the existing requirements for high machine speed (1 pcs/1 sec), loading capacity and reliability requirements for optical inspection had to be met.
automatizovaná linka

Single-purpose machine for sorting fuel filters based on optical analysis

A complete delivery of a single-purpose machine for high-speed sorting of fuel filters was realized for a customer in the automotive industry.
Instalace white beam imaging systému na synchrotronu-01

Interchangeable hi-speed and hi-resolution X-ray detectors

For the operational needs of the ANKA synchrotron, a pair of interchangeable X-ray detectors, one with high resolution and the other with high numerical aperture, has been developed.
manipulace zkumavek-01

Automated tube handling and staining production line with camera analysis

A fully automated tube handling and staining production line was designed and delivered to a customer in the biotechnology industry.
all in one

All-in-one equipment for laser marking and optical inspection of plastic parts for the automotive industry

Implementation of a fully automatic multi-purpose cell providing laser marking followed by optical pattern quality inspection.

Solution for precise dimension measurement of plastic containers

Design, manufacturing and implementation of a station for the precise measurement of the dimensions of plastic containers of various shapes. The station is also tasked with sorting out the non-conforming products. The measuring station is operated by a robotic arm.

Support for the development of the FSUA piezo mechanism for the satellite

Support for the development of the FSUA piezo mechanism for the satellite, which is being developed by a consortium of several institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences.
Badalovský optometr pro biotechnologický průmysl-01

Badal optometer for the biotechnology industry

Optical table with shield and assembly consisting of an intraocular lens, camera and carriages for testing of the resolution and dioptres. The optometer scans the position and rotation of the lens. The output is an image with an automatic evaluation of the quality of the lens resolution for different object distances.

Transformer – flexible imaging system

An optomechanical system creating an X-ray detector combining 3 cameras, 5 lenses and 12 scintillators was designed and built for the ANKA synchrotron. We named it Transformer for its ability to move into various measurement configurations in a motorized manner.
Demonstrátor teleskopu pro přenos svazku femtosekundových laserů-01

Telescope demonstrator for femtosecond laser beam transmission

For the purpose of the ELI project, a demonstrator of mirror system for beam transfer, that is placed in vacuum, was designed and fabricated. The project included the design of optics, functional verification, design of the opto-mechanics and vacuum system, optics fabrication, opto-mechanics fabrication, vacuum system fabrication, and optical testing.

White beam macroscope for beamline TOMCAT in SLS

A low magnification X-ray system with a continuous magnification change in the range of 2x - 4x was delivered to beamline TOMCAT at the Swiss Light Source synchrotron, Switzerland, at the end of 2010. The system uses a fast scientific CMOS camera and custom developed optomechanics. Changing the magnification, focusing and orientation adjustment of the camera are motorized and operate within the existing beamline control system.

Development of Bragg magnifier mechanics for synchrotron

For the ANKA synchrotron in Karlsruhe, holders and fixtures for germanium crystals were designed and manufactured. These, in the right configuration, function as a Bragg X-ray microscope. The system was designed so that it can be easily transferred to experiments on other synchrotrons.

Processing of metrological data in the production of accurate honeycomb plates

Processing of metrological data and its visualization in the development and preparation of moulds for the production of precision large-scale honeycomb plates in the company 5M s.r.o. High precision of production and constant control of the mandrel shape is required in the order of 10 μm (RMS) with mandrel dimensions of about 1.5 x 1.5 m. It is necessary to take into account systematic errors in the measuring process and to perform multi-criteria optimizations.
Návrh mechanických částí vědecké rentgenové kamery-01

Design of mechanical parts of a scientific X-ray camera

Design of the mechanical parts of a scientific camera for soft X-ray radiation, which is detected directly on a 2000 × 2000 pixel CCD chip without a luminescent material. The camera is cooled by a Peltier cooler and a water circuit. As a part of the proposal have been also delivered the mechanics of the source electronic part.
Instalace white beam imaging systému na synchrotronu-01

Installation of the white beam imaging system on the synchrotron

At the end of 2009, an X-ray camera for imaging fast events was installed and successfully tested at the ANKA synchrotron in Karlsruhe.