Installation of the white beam imaging system on the synchrotron

At the end of 2009, an X-ray camera for imaging fast events was installed and successfully tested at the ANKA synchrotron in Karlsruhe.

Installation of the white beam imaging system on the synchrotron

The camera uses a fast scientific CMOS camera and a custom-developed optomechanical system at Elya Solutions Ltd. This allows several different magnifications and the use of different scintillators. As high X-ray fluxes are used, the optics are shielded as much as possible to prevent degradation. At the same time, the system is robust enough to handle heavy scientific cameras. Both those currently in use and those under consideration. It is designed and built to allow for future motorisation. The success of the collaboration is evidenced by the fact that the entire system turned out to be faster than the original estimates.

System for broad-spectrum imaging on synchrotron

On synchrotrons, monochromatic radiation with the desired characteristics is extracted from the initially broad spectrum by using various types of monochromators, which thus use only a narrow part of the spectrum, but this also reduces the overall X-ray flux. For applications where speed is critical and therefore extremely short exposure times are needed, the entire original X-ray spectrum must be used to maximize the X-ray flux. However, this also places certain demands on the radiation resistance of the optical system and the speed of the imaging camera.

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