Automation of wood volume measurement using deep learning (AI)

The main goal of the implementation was to achieve full automation of the wood volume measurement process on trucks in remote collection warehouses in the wood wholesale sector. This simultaneously streamlines warehouse operations and increases the traceability of wood loads.

The project implementation involved several key steps:

  • Development of proprietary 3D cameras that use deep learning and operate in challenging outdoor conditions
  • Calibration of cameras to provide accurate measurements
  • Tracking the movement of the truck and detecting wood on the vehicle using deep learning
  • Sending measurement results and complete photos of the load with dimensions to cloud storage

Benefits of Implementation

The implementation successfully achieves its goal. Thanks to the implementation of new technologies and deep learning, the customer has gained full automation of the wood volume measurement process, bringing significant advantages. Flexibility, traceability, and warehouse operation efficiency have significantly increased. An important aspect of the project is also the elimination of the need for paper records and manual work.

We designed the project to be easily transportable and usable in various collection warehouses.

Other Implementations